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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​a cult of patience

Copa del Rey Preview: Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​a cult of patience

Leg at the Bernabeu. Jose Mourinho and his choice: take care of the zero in its goal or try to take advantage of facing the Camp Nou. Madrid What will we meet?

A new Real Madrid-Barcelona already appears in the immediate horizon. The first Classic of 2012 to see which team will take advantage in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. Although Jose Mourinho takes weeks to ensure that La Liga is the priority, the fact is that this Wednesday, and under the spotlight a full Bernabeu to the flag, the white team players will give everything for revenge against the rival sports.

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The Portuguese coach on Tuesday appeared before the media today to discuss, talk about the great game and review the possibilities of his squad for the tie copera overcome.

"DI MARIA IS WORSE than we expected"
"Di Maria is worse than expected. Feelings are not the best. Do you prioritize? I do not know.Tomorrow is a great game and we play with the best. We will wait. Enter the call. Do not hide that the League not a priority. "


"The scheme against Barcelona? I'll think aloud with you to see what you think, that sure what I think.If you play right-back Ramos criticize me because it is a central phenomenon. If you play right-back Fabio, because left-handed. If you play Lass, because without Khedira should play in the midfield. If playing Pepe in the center, because it must play in the middle. If you play in the middle, because it must be central. If we play with trivote, because we should be more offensive. If not, why we must defend better. If it is with Pipit, because you must play Benzema. And if not, the reverse. We all know how it will end this. "

"Do not let anyone TOUCH RONALDO"
"I've been with Ronaldo a year and half. He has scored many goals I do not know, hat-trick, playoffs, we won the title with his goal. You know the part I like it? The second half against Mallorca. It is the game where I felt most proud of his role. is used to being the phenomenon, to make differences, being the man in front, and against Mallorca who did not play well, he worked as an animal, he did what was needed for the team ... fantastic. The team is more important, the most important result. I told you that by working so that no one will touch. Because his job working as I'm not going to leave. It should not be criticized because it has made, does not have to make. Let no one touch ".

"The Cup is the third objective, but tomorrow is PRIORITY"
"The Cup is the third objective, but tomorrow's game. What is not a priority, tomorrow will be a priority, and no one plays to lose. Speaking of Champions and Cup, you have to play two games in February, with all competitions. The semifinals are very demanding against Valencia and Levante, and the remaining teams in the league will have an advantage eleiminado in February. But let's not be hypocrites, we want those two games. And Barcelona, ​​alike. "

"Changed to four or five players RESPECT TO OTHER CLASSIC"
"I do not think the previous Classics. Neither the best nor the worst. For they are basically the same players. For us there. Sure change four or five players. It has nothing to do. "

"If I play a lot in this Classic? What do you think so? How many titles do you think I have to win to stay alive? Each match I play my satisfaction, my joy is Thursday be happy or sad. And on Saturday I feel sad game on Monday, me or mine. "

"I do not know if you play with three defenders, four or five. It's a great team anyway. We respect and will be a tough opponent. "

"CARVALHO know how to answer"
"Carvalho? I think it is possible and necessary. Ramos and Lass have four yellow, many people with three cards. And as I said when he started training some time ago, Ricardo will be prepared to give an answer. "

"Things are as usual. I have no problem with Pep and nobody has had any problems. So as usual ".

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