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Friday, 13 January 2012

Barcelona: "The third Golden Ball was as exciting as the first," says Messi

Barcelona: "The third Golden Ball was as exciting as the first," says Messi

The FC Barcelona said in an interview about what led to win the Ballon d'Or and its future

he player of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi said that winning the Golden Ball award for the third time was as emotional as the first time. While the Argentine said his victory did not mean a sorpesa, as the prize last year.
"Obviously, there was as much a surprise as last year. I knew I had a good chance of winning so I was more relaxed the previous year, " said Messi in an interview with France Football.
"I am very happy and proud of the award, like the first two times I've won. This is the third time I've won, and still excites me. The Golden Ball is a very prestigious trophy that all players want to win , "he said. In the same way, Argentina claimed that any of the three finalists could have won the award. "It surprised me a little difference between the number of votes received and the runner. Cristiano Ronaldo and Xavi would have been worthy winners also n. " On the effect of the award in person, Messi again demonstrate of his humility and simplicity: "I relativizes everything, you know (...) I give as much importance as I give it to criticism. We have to accept both the same way . Of course, I prefer to read good things, you can imagine! "he says. Messi was asked about his leadership at the Camp Nou and whether influence was greater than the technical, Pep Guardiola, the striker looks flatly denied: " This is absolute nonsense and a total disrespect for Guardiola . It has won everything and is fundamental to the success of Barcelona. I'm just a player like everyone else. Guardiola is the decision maker. I have no influence. " Furthermore, the said international the momentum that crosses professional, related to the momentum of the team: " It is true that I'm having a great time with Barcelona in recent years. It is a unique moment, we have won everything . But in any case, no should be given more importance than they have. (...) I think there is great admiration and envy of what we do, the game that the team practice. It is also important that we have to respect our opponents. Whatever the team we face, we always play the same way, with the same mentality. "he says. The 24-year-old also said he would be more than willing to opt for the Golden Ball in the coming years if it meant getting glory with the national team in 2014. Winning the Ballon d'Or again in 2014 would be the best reward, because that would mean that Argentina is the world champion . I do not mind at all not win the award in the next two years, "he said.

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