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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Eminem New Album 2013:Release Date, Tracklist,Songs LEAKED!

FYI... rumors have it this MIGHT be a leaked track from Em's new album... if it's legit remains unconfirmed:

Dr. Dre and Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg are happy to announce that rapper Eminem is currently in the studio recording new music. So when should fans expect Slim's 2013 album to drop? Rumors suggest that Em's highly-anticipated eighth studio album will hit stores sometime in early July, but for now, fans will have to sit back and wait. NO new Slim Shady songs have yet to leak online, although several YouTube clips entitled "EMINEM NEW MUSIC 2013" would suggest otherwise... Several of those Eminem-esque tunes in fact feature upcoming hip-hop/rap artist Denace. And Denace wants all of his fans to know - he is NOT an Eminem wannabe. The "Welcome Home" rapper recently reached out to Mstars through email to prove it...

Eminem has yet to schedule any US performances, but he'll kick off a mini-tour in Europe this August:According to Paul Rosenberg, Eminem has been working on this new album for quite some time, and the record will most likely be released sometime this summer (post Memorial Day). Dr. Dre considers Slim's new rhythms totally "inspiring"... read more on that here.
August 15, 2013: Kempische Steenweg, Kiewit (Pukkelpop 2013)
August 17, 2013: Slane, Ireland
August 20, 2013: Dumbreck Road, Glasgow Eminem
August 21, 2013: Bramham Park, Leeds (Leeds Festival 2013)
August 22, 2013: Stade De France, La Plaine St Denis
August 23, 2013: Bramham Park, Wetherby (Leeds Festival 2013)
August 24, 2013: Reading, Reading (Reading Festival 2013)
August 25, 2013: Bramham Park, Leeds (Leeds Festival 2013)
And as Mstars previously reported, absolutely NO new tracks featuring Slim's fresh raps have leaked online (yet). But check this out...
That's NOT Eminem... it's rapper Denace. Check out more of his original stuff on Facebook andiTunes.
Several loyal Slim Shady fans consider Denace an Eminem "wannabe," but he's ready to put the record straight. In an email sent to Mstars on May 29, Denace claims:
People have been taking all my songs and posting them on their Youtube pages renaming them "Eminem," "New Eminem 2013," etc. So, that whole 'wannabe' crap is bull... I'm doing me and only me, it's the other people trying to get views on their pages... Just wanted to let you guys know, thanks.
Check out Denace's official Youtube channel here. His sound's very similar to Em's beats, but he indeed is his own artist. And his rhymes are pretty sick!
So despite the ongoing rumors, little information is currently available in regards to Slim's new album and music. In the meantime, sit back and chill out to some of Denace's tunes for that Slim Shady feel if you must.
Insiders confirm that this past year, rapper Eminem was busy in the studio working on fresh beats for the post-Memorial Day release of his eighth studio album - so what's the deal? Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg insists that a new album will "definitely" be released sometime this summer... but several fans continue to beg the question just when that might be. Initial reports suggested the record would drop on May 28... obviously that wasn't true. Now, rumors have it that new Slim Shady music will hit the airwaves on July 2. But considering Eminem protege Skylar Grey is set to release HER new album "Don't Look Down" on July 9, do fans think Slim might wait so that he doesn't steal all of her thunder? Kpopstarz implies that maybe Em will release his unnamed record in LATE July... sometime before he kicks-off a mini-tour in Europe. Again, such talk remains total hearsay... read on for more deets!
Twitter fans continue to anxiously await the new album... and several loyal Slim Shady followers insist that the record will drop on July 2:
@got_wilk: "Eminem's new album apparently being released July 2. I can do this."
@DopeIs_All_IRep: "Every time I see or hear something about Eminem dropping a new album I get goosebumps."
@coopaUMD: "Eminem's new album comes out in early July!! Can't wait."
But Eminem has yet to confirm this official release date himself. Aspiring singer/songwriter Skylar Grey (real name, Holly Brook) works closely with Slim and Interscope Records. Her sophomore album "Don't Look Down" is scheduled for a July 9 release date through both KidinaKorner Records AND Eminem's Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records. In order to for its success, do fans think Em will hold off on releasing his new album?
But the smart thing would be for Shady to release the new tunes before he begins touring in Europe in August... which means maybe a late July release date? What do fans think about that? Stay tuned for more details!

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