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Monday, 16 January 2012

Cup Preview: There are a lot of football beyond the classic

Cup Preview: There are a lot of football beyond the classic

Although the highlight of the competition it will KO Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​only one of the four semifinalists will come out of that game.

Real MadridBarcelona

Once again Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the faces , although it seems that they do in a situation different from what had occurred in previous Classics: meringues come with the lead in the league and good feelings , while Barca are on the front have led to hesitation on the latest results. Nevertheless, Pep Guardiola's men have already shown that they can remake when they are face to face with his arch rival, and more on a two-legged match.Mourinho, meanwhile, wants to shelve its major unresolvedcontinue to defend the championship title of Copa del Rey .


Bielsa Athletic Cup wants to make its competition talisman. The Basques hope that this is their year of regeneration that has starred in Argentine coach, and for it receive an old acquaintance: Joaquin Caparros Mallorca try to show your surprise in San Mamés after starring in the most spectacular landslide in recorded recent seasons of competition at the Royal Society. Maximum voltage for a meeting promises.

EspanyolCD Mirandés

Espanyol in the Copa has deposited all his expectations . Pochettino those know who are the most affordable in the box and the prospect of an end excited at Cornell. However, no one loses sight of the blue and white will face the big surprise of this year's KO Tournament ...The Miranda wants to continue his dream and try to leave it out to another rival of First Division after leaving the lurch Villarreal and Racing Santander. The Burgos arrive in Barcelona led by Pablo Infante, the best player of the tournament so far.


The Valencian derby, more appreciated than ever, returns to Mestalla for Valencia and Levante challenge . Locals do not cross its best in League and Cup Emery wants to act as a stimulant to revive expectations of a team that has slowly been losing steam. For its part, the granota seek to follow his spectacular career with a major rival entity.

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