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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tito Vilanova will not sell anyone

Tito Vilanova will not sell to anyone in the market for summer

The new coach is preparing for what will be the Blaugrana team for next season and it appears to be little movement in the transfer market for the Catalans

Tito Vilanova - FC Barcelona
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Tito Vilanova has met with Andoni Zubizarreta from Tuesday, all geared to launch what will be the club next season. One of the negotiations that are taking place in the Sports City is the contract of Tito as head coach the first team and is therefore not yet made the official presentation of the coach.
But another of the important points spoken at Barça, is planning what will be the squad for the 2012-13 season. Much has been said of him that Barcelona will sign next season: a central, a left and a striker. They say the walls speak and that Tito has informed the manager, Zubizarreta, who want to incorporate into any front as and this could have speculated logic: Front blaugrana

Lionel Messi is in excellent shape and this past year has increased its records in surprising ways.The Argentine is one of the players most reliable of the workforce to increase attack power and it is true that some of its magic lies also in the help of players like Xavi and Iniesta, both in good shape, especially Xavi who has overcome problems in the soleus. Alexis Sanchez gave a good season, in spite of the injury that was so damaged but which he knew to get up and although the player failed to explode as perhaps many would have desired, the reality is that the Boy Wonder goals scored Barca who saved more than one occasion. David Villa Euro will not play and increasingly can be seen in better shape the Spaniard. His absence from the Spanish, will give the necessary time to re-cap with Barcelona, ​​one of the goals of Guaje is use the summer to catch up and of course for the club this is a priority, so the front will have available all necessary to continue with their rehabilitation and return to play the ball very soon. Peter is really not had the best season, but knew him a good ending, so much so that Vincent's Forest included it in the final list to travel to Poland and Ukraine in the next tournament. The youth went hand in hand with the first team and Guardiola is well known as Tito Vilanova, who may already be imagining the MVP (Messi, Villa-Pedro) for the next campaign.Defense

The defensive side does seem to be a theme that is Tito Vilanova. The low of Eric Abidal has created the need to find a left and it appears that the main option is Jordi Alba . The Valencia was created in the farmhouse Blaugrana and would have no problem going home, as well as the player can also be used as an end in a situation so required. David Praise can be given virtually discarded after the refusal of Bayern to let go of her jewel. Tito is also important to cover the central area without interfering in the plans up to the first team to Marc Bartra and Muniesa . Carles Puyol signed his best season this year, but caught up with her ​​body and a new knee injury led to surgery. The captain is 34 and although it has the guts and the desire to stay many years giving everything for his team, it is likely that the player will have to start dosing, to have him on the highlights. On the other hand ,Gerard Pique was the victim of injuries that away from the rhythm of the team and had a hard time giving a good level, although in reality the Catalan signed his worst season since joining Barcelona.Pique suffered a season of change, to be a permanent fixture, he dispensed Guardiola still important meetings, creating false rumors about a bad relationship, when in reality is that Piqué was not paying on your computer. The new coach seems to already have clear who wants to central defense and that is Thiago Silva. The Milan player is protected by the Rossoneri and will make every effort to preserve the Brazilian, but also Zubizarreta will do its part to achieve the goal of Tito, perhaps his first goal this summer. Given the possible difficulty that the Italians could cause a second option would beJavi Martinez , the Athletic Bilbao player who has a versatility valued at Barca, but he, just as a second option. Sales

It is said that Tito has no plans to sell any players and the staff is so short that it is difficult to believe that the Blaugrana decide to shorten it more. This year, the euro is not a factor because the club has saved about 30 million euros in bonuses after losing the Champions League and the League, so there is no need to sell to buy, although it certainly does not intend debt. Until today, two names have been handled as potential players that they would leave the team. One is Dani Alves and the other isSeydou Keita . In the case of Brazil, its poor performance in the season for many would have placed one foot out of Barca though the right side has a contract until 2015. Possibly for Pep Guardiola, the defense and had not taken place in the team next season, but Tito would have thought better and the quality of player is irreplaceable, including Martin Montoya , who has the same profile but not the same experience . In the club are confident that Alves can recover its level and of course, it will recover to the best of the broken collarbone and will use the summer to get fit. Knowing the qualities of the former Sevilla player, Barcelona he hesitated to give the player to a team that could be your rival any European competition, as may be one of Italy or the Premier League already showed interest in taking the services of Brazilian international. Dani Alves could have received absolution and face the new season with renewed vigor. Seydou Keita can also have one foot out of Barcelona and not because the team does not want it, just the opposite. The "little girl" Pep is also important for Tito, but the Malian contract, renewal is automatic if you meet certain numbers of games and minutes, otherwise you may freely leave the team. Despite the preference of Pep by the Mali international, the player was not enough minutes that you do make the team and as of June 30 is free to choose their destiny and they are doing. Teams like Roma and United have shown interest in the midfielder who has height culé experience and a powerful left leg that allows you to shoot from a distance, making it very appealing for several European teams. Keita's agent has already met with the Barca directive to define the future of your player. In fact it is said that the African and told Titus that he wants to stay in the team next season and Villanova is struggling to convince him to stay, although it is difficult to ensure that ownership or more minutes, what other clubs insurance itself can give. Failure to reach an agreement, Keita could be the only player on the team to leave the ranks Blaugrana, and the only, is that, or basin , or Cristian Tello , and Montoya are on the list of who could say goodbye for now.Tito rushes their decisions from the Sports City, the new coach will not go on vacation until ready to leave, but everything indicates that this transfer market could be much quieter than the previous year.

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